Friday, March 14, 2014

Outline for the Second Term Paper

Science Fact or Cinematic Fiction?
Thesis: In The Avengers, Zoolander, and Ben 10, the jumps do not respond correctly to the Law of Acceleration

The Avengers: When Captain America jumps at from a tree to stop Thor and Iron Man’s skirmish, he does this without any weight gain for the push off of the tree, and then lands too lightly for someone gravity should affect.  When Thor jumps to attack Captain America right afterwards, Thor does not have a correct parabola, and gravity also does not act upon him as the Law of Acceleration says it should.

Worth mentioning: About 35 minutes left, Thor lands from hundreds of feet up, but the ground doesn’t even crack

Zoolander: When Derek Zoolander is being brainwashed as a sleeper agent to murder a Prime Minister at a fashion show, he jumps over the dummy Prime Minister during training.  His air flip here seems accurate/plausible, but when the scene cuts to Derek landing, it is too light.

Ben 10: When Ben is an orange alien, he jumps away from his sister unresponsive to the Law of Acceleration.

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