Saturday, February 15, 2014

Outline of the First Term Paper

Movie: UP (Pixar)

Hypothesis (Paragraph) 1-Balloons are incredibly affective at bearing weight/powerful helium
            -Balloons lift house and carry it through a storm to a cliff (Paradise Falls) [00:29]
            -Kevin (bird) can guide the house via a thin string [1:02]
-Balloons carry the house, Kevin, Russel (boy scout), Carl (man), and Dug (dog) [1:02]
-Balloons lift balloon cart [00:08]
            Opposition: Carl empties house to make it light again for lifting [1:14]
Hypothesis (Paragraph) 2-Limited wind at high altitudes
            -Carl atop the zeppelin [1:23]
            -House is still usually [1:03]
                        Opposition: The balloon house at [1:23, 1:14]
Hypothesis (Paragraph) 3-Objects in general are lighter in Up’s world
            -Carl catches Russell one-handed, and lifts Russell up to put in his house [1:17]
            -Russell doesn’t tip over [1:17]
            -Carl’s dentures don’t fall immediately [1:21]

            -Ellie landing out of window very lightly [00:07]

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